Tree Removal Cost Kansas City

Several Factors Determine The Tree Removal Cost In Kansas City.  


  1. Overall size of the tree.  Larger trees simply have more mass and require extended time on the job to have the truck, limbs and leaves processed and hauled off.  

Taller trees $800.00 – $1,900.00.  

 Medium sized trees $500.00 – $900.00.  

Smaller sized trees $300.00 – $600.00.  

  1. Location of the tree on the property.  Tree removal cost can be driven higher due to the limited access.  When tree care companies are required to drag or carry the limbs and leaves long distances, this can be a determining factor in cost.
  1. Structures and area around the tree.  Workers must be aware of houses, sheds, decks and powerlines to safely remove branches.  Destruction of a well manicured lawn and sprinklers must be avoided and can also raise the cost.  Access gates and fences sometimes need to be removed to reach the area and this also can raise the cost.
  1. Property terrain.  Most residential lots are flat and easy to maneuver.  However there are some areas with huge hills or drainage ditches and other steeply sloped terrain that make it difficult to retrieve tree trimmings.  These steep areas can also play a factor in tree removal cost.

If you want a tree removed in the Kansas City area and not sure what it will cost, use a tree removal cost guide estimator to ensure you are not overcharged.  

Rule Of Thumb – Tree Removal Cost Kansas City

Tree removal cost for a smaller tree is normally $14.00/ft.  Therefore a 20’ tall tree would cost about $280.00.

Medium sized tree removal cost for a 50’ tree, plan on spending around $15.00/ft.  $750.00.

The taller 90’ tree may be estimated at $17.00 per foot.  Total tree removal cost of $1,530.00.

Of course, these costs will vary depending on some of the reasons mentioned above and others to be determined by your local tree removal company.

Choosing the right tree removal service company is important to make certain you get the best deal for the money and that you and your property is well protected.  Therefore, do your diligence when seeking that “just right” tree removal service company.  

Choose one that has the capability to perform all types of tree health care needs.  You will want a company that you can trust and call upon for future issues.  Even though it is important to consider cost, the main key to think about first is the quality of service.  

You will need to ensure that the tree removal service company you use is insured and fully registered and takes safety seriously.

Be aware of your tree removal cost and be ready to ask questions before hiring a tree removal service company.


A quick conclusion, the average tree removal cost in Kansas City varies widely depending upon your needs and wants along with the circumstances particular to your project.  

Things such as: 

Height and circumference of the tree.

Accessibility to your property and tree.

Condition of the tree also plays a part in controlling cost.

Again, I want to stress that the above mentioned prices are ESTIMATES, not exact prices or science.  Many factors must be considered when calculating the final tree removal cost. 

The trees in KC are some of the most beautiful found anywhere.  There are times when these trees need to be removed for a number of reasons. When you need some tough questions answered concerning tree removal cost, call your friends at Abraham’s Seed Tree Care Kansas City.  We will give you a fair and accurate cost to have your tree professionally and safely removed.